We often focus on our weaknesses, or the things we feel we need to change or improve upon. In striving to be what we are not, we introduce an idea in our mind of where we should be, and that we are not ok now.

Mindfulness is the simple process of noticing what is there, including thoughts, stories, emotions, sensations in the body. It is simply taking a regular inventory of who we are, at any given moment, and not wanting it to be any different.

Notice what you are, not what you are not

Amidst the ambiguity of everyday life, we are often missing information or perspective on what is happening, so we end up jumping to conclusions in our narratives often based on what is not there. This only becomes a problem when we get caught up in our stories, without even knowing we’re telling them (yes, this a thing).

You can’t change something you are not aware of, so by getting good at noticing, we have a better chance at changing stories in our favor (i.e. helpful ones rather than the unhelpful kind).

It all starts with self-awareness.

Being present to what is there, thereby removing any separation from reality, helps build trust in our own wisdom, authority, and beliefs, rather than constantly looking outside ourselves for guidance.

Notice the real you, and what comes naturally to you. Get good at notice the behaviors that are authentic, energizing and lead to our best performances. What character strengths do you enjoy using that give you a sense of purpose? Being aware of, and using our strengths is the smallest thing we can do to make the biggest difference (Alex Linley).

In short, the practice of noticing what you are, not what you are not, allows us to understand and get to know what makes us strong (and not wrong). This leads towards performing to the best of our abilities and then after that, anything can happen and usually does.

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