Inspire the Possible

For your next event or virtual conference.

Derek engages audiences with stories learned from preparing nine Olympic teams while drawing on his expertise in the field of mindful meditation, performance and well-being.

Generous, warm and courageous, Derek weaves perspectives from his unique combination of life and professional achievements with humor and authenticity.

Your team or organization will be empowered with new insights to create the conditions to attain your performance and well-being goals and the practical skills to support you along the way.

  • Well-being and self-compassion in high performance environments
  • Building team cohesion at-scale
  • Building team culture with thriving mindsets
  • Flow through disruption
  • Relational and group flow
  • Mindful meditation training for peak performance
  • Awareness is our superpower towards mindful resilience
  • Performance on demand: a mindful approach
  • Practical mindful meditation in critical environments
  • The Science of Mindfulness and neuroplasticity

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