One of our most powerful mindfulness practices – our open awareness practice, with or without noting – teaches us to become more aware of the space in which objects arise.

An open, beginner’s mind allows us to be receptive to new possibilities and prevents us from getting stuck in the rut of our own expertise. No moment is the same as any other – each one is unique and contains unique possibilities.

When we walk into a room, we immediately notice the furniture or the people in it – i.e. the objects in the room. Open awareness teaches us to let go the preference around what we notice and instead remain open and curious to “however the moment chooses to reveal itself”.

“In order to see a fish you must watch the water” — Bodhidharma

Beginner’s mind, is an attitude of openness without preconceived conclusions or expectations. In this space that we create and become aware of, we can “trust emergence”, allowing wisdom to come through effortlessly; improvising based on whatever is happening in the room.

Getting “Out of my own way?” refers to the “you” that is in your own way that is experienced as the “story” or expectations of your inner narrator. Even if the performance story is positive, listening to this sports announcer in your head calling the shots while you’re performing will separate you from the direct experience of what’s happening.

With openness, you can experience the merging of actions and awareness, priming us for a state of flow, resulting in a better performance that your “narrating self” could have created.

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