Why Mindfulness and Sport Performance?

Mindful meditation for athletes, coaches, leaders and teams is one of the fastest growing areas in sport  backed by decades of peer-reviewed rigorous science. Organizations and teams that bring mindfulness into their environments understand that the health and well-being of their people are equally as valued  as the performance of their mission.

“The benefits of mindfulness practice as applied to sports are almost blindingly obvious. Focus, awareness, clarity of thought, and the ability to stay in the present moment are basic skills for any great athlete – and meditator.” – Soren Gordhamer

Thanks to functional MRI studies and scientific research, we now understand that the brain can change in structure and function and can be trained through mindful meditation like a muscle to:

  • Develop greater attentional control (1) improving focus by up to 14% (2)
  • Rewire habits of thinking to cultivate a greater capacity to access flow states (3)
  • Build awareness of unhelpful narratives and ability to limit over-thinking (4)
  • Develop resilience to work with difficulty instead of reacting against it (5)
  • Stretch personal edges while reducing the potential of injury or burnout (6)
  • Lower anxiety, stress, and feeling of overwhelm (7)
  • Improve immune systems, heart-regulation, well-being and sleep (8)
  • Increase emotional intelligence, communication, connection and teamwork

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As high performers, your well-being is non-negotiable

Randomized control trials show that college athletes who practiced mindfulness and acceptance demonstrated significant increases in their performance compared to athletes who practiced routine goal-setting, arousal regulation, imagery, self-talk. The athletes who practiced mindfulness also showed increases in adaptive emotion regulation and psychological flexibility, lower anxiety levels, hostility and decreased risk of eating and substance abuse.

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