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Fuel your Purpose

Everyone has a dream and everyone wants to make a difference in the world. Having a greater sense of purpose organizes and gives meaning to almost everything you do allowing you to pursue your dreams with grit and determination. Combined with the scientifically-proven benefits of mindfulness, you can stay true to your inner calling and wisdom. It is the hidden variable motivating performance.

To know oneself and express the uniqueness of oneself in the world with such skill and with such ease, that, like water, it will flow naturally from you is to live a life of purpose. Outside influences and expectations to conform can separate us from our essential selves and so to embark on a process of discovering our purpose is to ensure our inner flow matches our outer game.

It takes a long time to sound like yourself – Miles Davis

Studies suggest that connecting with a sense of purpose can help you deal with stress and get through hard times, including lowering the incidence of depression, loneliness and disengagement. People with a purpose in life also sleep better, live longer and have greater life satisfaction. Benefits include better physical and psychological health, and improved cognitive functioning.

How to harness the power of purpose.

According to research, finding one’s purpose requires four key components: 1) dedicated commitment, 2) personal meaningfulness, 3) goal directedness, and 4) a vision larger than one’s self. To live a life of purpose is to put these four components together by holding a clear vision of the life you are choosing to create.

Our sense of purpose will change over the course of our lifetime. As we grapple with our identity during different stages and interests of our lives, our sense of purpose will naturally wax and wane.

Don’t seek the meaning of life, but rather simply ask yourself on a regular basis “what is it about life that is meaningful to me?”

Like happiness, purpose is not something you find or arrive at. The only peace you find at the summit or at the top of the podium is the peace you bring up there. Purpose is not a destination, but a journey and a practice. That means it’s accessible at any stage or age, if we’re willing to explore what matters to us and embark on a continual love affair with the life we are choosing to create.

It is to come to a deep understand that you are what you choose to become; and not what happens to you.

It is to know that you are in the driver’s seat of your own life. It is to embrace your own growth mindset. It is to see your own self-doubt, lack of motivation and limiting thoughts as the challenge worthy of your attention. It is to shift your perspective on the problem from things external to you that are seemingly out of your control towards choices that you are making in your internal environment.

From a performance standpoint, purpose boosts a specific type of focus. Purpose shifts your attention off yourself (internal focus) and puts it onto other people and the task at hand (external focus). This guards against obsessive rumination and self-referential thinking – the root causes of anxiety and depression.

Purpose can be as big or as small as you want. The fulfillment along the way is the reward for these kinds of goals; and often ones that are in the service of something greater than your yourself, even if it’s as simple as bringing greater joy to the world by being nicer to other people.

By forcing you to look outside yourself, it becomes less about you and more about inspiring others to join you on your cause. Social support and connectivity boosts your intrinsic motivation.

By choosing to live more from a place of purpose, we expand what’s possible towards creating stronger communities and a better world. It starts as an act of self-compassion by doing what you know you need to do for yourself; by doing what’s good for your areas of performance; your well-being; and also what’s good for others.

First Water’s purpose is to create a better world through sport

First Water is a purpose-driven for-profit company committed to accessibility of pricing in our programs. First Water commits minimum 1% of revenues annually to its programming and community-based projects. Your donations help expand our impact. Instead of receiving a tax write-off for your contribution, your reward is the practice of generosity and supporting others with fewer opportunities. Enquire here and donate today.