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Purpose-driven Performance

The Hidden Variable Motivating Performance

Everyone has a dream and everyone wants to make a difference in the world. Sport has the power to transform lives and inspire communities. Sport gives us the chance to play on a level playing field, where everyone has a real shot. It teaches us skills for life helping us become better citizens. The gift of sport helps us discover our sense of purpose in making the world a better place.

Sport is very special because it allows people to dream. When your environment, circumstance or situation is difficult, if there is a light somewhere, you can dream. It is as simple as that. The dream gives you an incredible start, and through sport you can actually make it happen.

Studies suggest that connecting with a sense of purpose can help you deal with stress and get through hard times, including lowering the incidence of depression, loneliness and disengagement. People with a purpose in life also sleep better, live longer and have greater life satisfaction. Benefits include better physical and psychological health, and improved cognitive functioning.

Learn how to harness the power of purpose through mindfulness. You will enhance your capacity for mindfulness related to peak performance, resilience, focus and agility; and also you can give yourself the opportunity to discover a deeper sense of purpose through your involvement in sport.

The Mindfulness-based, Purpose-driven Performance (MBPP) lifestyle is available to you over an 8 week period in an online live format. An intensive 2.5 day in-person format is also available.

Give the gift of purpose, or apply for a scholarships (coming soon). Enquire here.

In this program, you will be invite d to discover and develop a purpose project. It can be as big or as small as you want. The fulfillment along the way is the reward for these kinds of projects; ones that are in the service of something greater than your self, even if it’s just being nicer to other people. You will be guided by a mentor and inspired by your class peer group in bringing your project to the world.

Choose your performance lifestyle today; and together we can expand what’s possible, towards creating stronger communities and a better world through sport.

Do what you know you need to do for yourself:

Do what’s good for your performance
Do what’s good for your well-being
Do what’s good for others

First Water commits minimum 1% of revenues annually to this program and seeks partnerships and donations to expand our impact (coming soon later in 2022). Enquire here.