For all of us who have worked in high performance sport, we know that performance goals naturally stretch us out of our comfort zone, while attachment to outcome has a pesky way of pulling us out of the present moment process. This is all normal and part of what it means to be a high performer.

It’s been interesting to follow the current debate in Canada – and around the world – about the role of striving for outcomes and its impact on the performance and well-being of athletes and teams. It started with a Globe and Mail article on the Norwegian sport system’s radically different approach that highlights the “Joy of Sport for All” with a focus on developing good citizens, not only athletes.

“Our job is to support the athletes to achieve their best – and then we count medals.” – Tore Ovrebo, the director of Olympiatoppen

As the former Performance Director with the Canadian Olympic Team I work at the intersection of high-performance sport and mindfulness, and I work with athletes and teams in Canada and around the world cultivate greater attention, awareness and compassion through mindful meditation in support of their performance and well-being goals.

Whether you are an athlete, coach, performance director, or someone who just wants to know how to use mindfulness to maximize performance and productivity in everyday life, then I invite you to reach out to have a free exploratory conversation – Enquire.

We can work together to turn mental health awareness month into mental health action month. Mindful meditation is trainable, scalable, and “doable” – something every athlete, coach and performance leader understands.

I look forward to continuing with you for a better world through sport.