Training Attention, Awareness and Agility for sports, work and life.

The benefits of mindfulness practice as applied to sports are fundamental and wildly researched.

Athletes and teams that practice mindful meditation increase their emotion regulation and psychological flexibility, focus and clarity of thought; lower anxiety levels, and rumination; and stay fully present in the moment or on the task at hand.

Apply the power of meditation. Each of our courses gives you practical tools and approaches to achieve greater ease, resilience, and flow towards living a life of full presence. 

Mindful Peak Performance (mPEAK) Course

Tap into your own resources and brain’s ability to cultivate peak performance, focus, resilience and flow

Set out on now ... (8 weeks)Mindful Teams ... (5 week version)

Mindfulness Mini Labs / Workshops

Life, Career, and Sport is a Journey of Transformation. Discover the Power of Full Presence through one of our Mini Labs

Get mindful ... Be Mindful

Having had a front row seat in the High Performance arena for decades, Derek brings unique insights and experiences to his work optimizing human and team potential. He is passionate, dedicated and mindful in his approach, and most importantly he cares deeply about those he works with thus leading to sustained relationships and results.” – Karen MacNeill, Ph.D – Lead Mental Performance/Health Consultant, Canadian Olympic Team

Mindfulness shifts you out of the tension and stress that keeps you from being fully present. As a result, you’re priming yourself to experience the benefits of:

• Elevated levels of focus, concentration, and flow
• Stronger immunity, improved heart regulation, and better sleep
• Increased connection, communication, and teamwork
• Greater resilience and emotional regulation
• Less unintentional reactivity and more intuitive responses

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Derek’s personal and professional experience gives him a unique insight into the mind of the elite performer. Beyond his experience, he has a natural sincerity and deviation that will make him excel at anything he does; leaving a memorable positive impact.” – Pete Kirchmer, mPEAK Director, UC San Diego School of Medicine – Center for Mindfulness

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You don’t have to be an elite athlete to work with us.

We work with anyone who’s committed to their wellness and is looking to level up…. From athletes to students, coaches to working professionals, or executives to sports psychologists.

We offer mindfulness-based coaching that allows you to relate to difficult thoughts and emotions without self-judgment, so you be fully present to show up in your best each day. Our experienced team of mindfulness coaches/instructors will guarantee the right fit for you.

If you are serious about increasing the level of fulfillment in your life while reaching sustainable levels of optimal performance (without sacrificing your mental or emotional wellness) then our coaching is for you.

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