Mindful meditation lays a foundation for performance enhancement in the establishment of mindful awareness, which is allowing or accepting things as they are.

When combined with the insights and practices from positive psychology, we are able to make intentional shifts towards more posi­tive mental and emotional states.

Some optimists may be born that way, but scores of optimists are made with practice. – Sonja Lyubomirsky

Being present to the good that exists in each moment is a capacity that can be developed in the same way that interoceptive awareness, focused attention and self-regulation can be developed.

To store a positive memory, however, research suggests that you need to hold the feeling for more than a dozen seconds. Therefore, people tend to blow negative information and events out of proportion and minimize or even forget positive events. So it takes a bit of work.

Mindfulness can help us notice the positive moments that typically fly under the radar. Science shows that with practice, we can train our brain to improve our outlook, attitude, and intentionally create a brighter experience.

When we intentionally notice and pause to savor or memorize these moments, we’re practicing “taking in the good,” which rewires our brain for more positivity.

This “positive brain training” is achieved with intentional gratitude and the use of our natural character strengths.

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