“Yes for sure we are getting a masters in adaptability right now. Steady hand on the wheel. Like a duck in the water. Cruising on the water with the feet peddling below… ha!”

The Duck Leader is strong, calm, organized and coherent on behalf of the people and programs they lead. The idea is that we project a cool outward confidence even though there is a lot of frantic activity going on behind the scenes that no one needs to know about.

This year, like few others before, we are all trying to maintain our confident forward motion in some pretty rough waters. What happens when the dogs crash to the edge of the pond, harassing and barking? Escape is not an option because we don’t want to fail. We don’t want to walk out on our commitments. We don’t want them to win.

As Duck Leaders, we remain steady, resisting the urge to fly away. We keep going and keep an unfaltering hand on things. Performing our best under stress is difficult. Acknowledging ourselves for remaining calm is important.

The Four Muscles

At the intersection of performance and well-being, there are four muscles that we can learn to train:

  1. Improve our ability to direct our attention and concentration (stay focused)
  2. Increase our sensory clarity to keep us grounded in the moment (be aware)
  3. Build our composure and evenness of temper in responding to difficulty (flow and equanimity)
  4. Incline ourselves towards joy, positivity, strengths spotting, and gratitude (coach ourselves)

It’s about taking care of ourselves, which is often an afterthought for many high performers.

The main point here is that frantic peddling is only a short term solution and flying away should be an option only in the case of real danger.

You can learn how to cultivate this type of composure through my upcoming Mindful Performance course (mPEAK), starting Oct. 20th.

We can do this – together!