Dream the Possible

Social Change Through Sport

Everyone has a dream. We also understand that not everyone has the same opportunities to make their dreams come true. First Water is dedicated to helping any young person turn their dreams into reality.

Sport has the power to transform lives and inspire communities. Sport gives us all the chance to play on a level playing field, where everyone has a real shot. It teaches us skills for life.

Sometimes, win-at-all-cost sport cultures do not provide optimum conditions for participants to realize their best selves. High incidence of burnout, dropout, discrimination, eating disorders, anxiety and mental health challenges, do not allow sport to live up to its true potential.

First Water’s not-for-profit “Dream the Possible” program provides the resources and the training to help young people skillfully navigate sport and life enroute to becoming their best self on and off the field of play.

With an innovative blend of mindful meditation and mindset training, peer mentoring, and financial and social-media support, we help young people with a dream, expand what’s possible, towards creating stronger communities and a better world through sport.

First Water commits minimum 1% of revenues annually to this program and seeks partnerships and donations  to expand our impact (coming 2022). Enquire here.