What can an apple tell us about being a mindful performer?

Well, a lot, as it turns out.

It can teach us about performance anxiety, playfulness, sensory immersion and even multi-tasking.

This was one of the powerful experiential learning exercises that we explored in week #1 of the Mindful Performance Enhancement Certificate (mPEAK) course.

We ended up being oversubscribed for this first edition, which has been an amazing problem to have because it took the energy, sharing, and learning to the next level. The experience in the room was impressive from CEOs, entrepreneurs, musicians, academics, plus an acrobat, and an elected official.

Everyone showed up with curiosity and openness. People came ready to learn how to be mindful in taking things to next level.

The common challenge unifying this group was clear : transition, uncertainty and overwhelm.

This is where the apple was able to teach us a few things.

Participants experienced the thoughts and emotions that arise when mindfully performing in front of peers contrasted with the playfulness of tossing the apple through a simple challenge. We are quite enslaved by our thoughts, and so the apple gave us the beautiful gift of fully immersing ourselves in all five senses. We also practiced mindful multi-tasking allowing thoughts to come and go, holding a conversation, while being present to our task of eating.

Mindfulness is more than brain building or attention training; it’s an attitude and a way of being that can be practiced in every moment and in whatever chapter you are currently on. You are always in the right place.

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