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Mindful Team Performance and Growth


In this 5-week virtual or 1+ day intensive workshop, the group gets the opportunity to step into the body of a mindful performer. The skills we train are rooted in the latest brain research and performance science – and translated into the language of sport.

Based on group or team requirements, we build a custom program together that is right for you. The core program covers Attention (our Edge) and Awareness (our Power), essential to the mindful performer. The Program is completed by customizing elective elements from the Agility modules (see below) based on group needs. An additional flex session is typically scheduled as a “group check-in” one month following the completion of the program.

A Playbook for your Best Inner Game

Meditation Training to Increase your Attention, Awareness and Agility

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Instructor: Derek Covington

Cost: $300CA + tax, per person. Ask for group rates.

AAA-MSP is a mindfulness course to increase Attention, Awareness and Agility. AAA-MSP is for athletes, teams and performance leaders in sport, business or critical contexts.

The first class typically runs 2.5 hours, followed by the remaining classes, each 1.5 hours long.

It can also be run as an intensive 1+ day workshop, in-person or virtually.

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Program Deeper Dive


This course introduces the essential core of what it means to be mindful performer. The course specifically targets areas of the brain systems related to attention (focus), awareness (resilience) and connection (compassion). The program is highly experiential and involves a progression of skills from week-to-week that you will be able to incorporate into your daily life and areas of performance. We blend coaching, meditation practice (both “base training” and integrated training), topic presentations, group discussion and experiential-based “insight” practices.

Meditation is best supported with some kind of personal vision for yourself, so additional practices are included to help hold a vision of our ideal/best self.

“It doesn’t require a big time commitment to practice these skills. It also taught me to be kinder with myself and not judge myself so harshly. Humans are capable of dealing with our thoughts.” – Canadian Olympic Team member – Tokyo

Program Resources Included:

  • Live-online or in-person course instruction with a certified mindfulness teacher (10 hours contact time)
  • Weekly “homework” to integrate into the curriculum of your life and areas of performance
  • Audio meditation recordings customized to support weekly intentions
  • Participant Workbook and Journal (pdf) that support weekly exercises
  • Individualized modifications and ongoing personalized support throughout the course
  • Course material and powerpoint slides

Weekly Program Outline

Week 1: Attention (our Edge) – Cultivate the capacity to sustain attention in the present moment, on the body for an extended period. Visualize the journey ahead, and understand our relationship to achieving our goals through our mindfulness practice.

Week 2: Attention (continued) – Practice opening to your senses to see and feel into your surroundings and bringing your attention back to focus on the body. Using fear as a fuel (rather than a threat) for motivation and to surf through performance anxiety.

Week 3: Awareness (our power) – Letting go of controlling or directing our experience and instead letting moments reveal themselves. Cultivating calm, composure and evenness of mind/temper under stress; never being rattled, looking at the reality of the situation and not not letting our emotions cloud our execution.

Week 4: Agility (our compassion) – Understanding the role of striving for perfection in fueling our inner critic and how to thrive with self-compassion by cultivating inner coaching from a place of kindness.

Week 5: Choice of Agility modules including: Exploring how your mind’s “stories” effect your resilience and how to shift them 2) Priming for Flow: understanding mind wandering and how to better “get in the zone” 3) Practicing Positivity: Intentional shifting using character strengths and gratitude and 4) Cultivating values-based goals for how we show up as our ideal/best self.