We have a comprehensive understanding of human sport performance culture and leading high-performing teams and organizations that work well under life’s most demanding and unpredictable environments – the Olympic Games.

We solve deep questions and deliver solutions to help optimize team potential in the big and small moments that matters most, combining expertise in athlete well-being, mindfulness and sport system development and culture.

Being an exceptional performer means you bring your best self to the game – even if your best looks different day-to-day. You become so present for each play that you recognize that who YOU are is bigger than any goal you set.

Feel empowered beyond the game

At the intersection of high performance sports and mindfulness, you’ll find our performance and mindfulness programs designed to help you achieve your performance and well-being journeys.

Whether lining up for an Olympic final or tackling personal or organizational change we’re here to help you and your team get to the next level.


Are you a performance director or a sports coach who values the health and well-being of your team as much as their performance in the game?

Empower your team with custom-designed programs to strengthen your team’s ability to navigate challenges by building a common vision, supported by transparent communication and autonomous organizational structures.

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Learn how to cultivate full presence and optimal performance to experience greater awareness, inner peace, and resilience.

Innovation is at the heart of our programs. Start by playing the Minfdul Infinity Game, or set out on a mPEAK Performance journey today.

Courses and coaching suitable for individuals, groups, and teams.

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Blending sports performance & mindfulness to achieve your goals

Hi, I’m Derek. As a former international athlete and Olympic performance director, I’ve seen perfectionism, stress, and sport performance anxiety drain precious energy from even the most talented performers on my teams. As someone passionate about helping athletes succeed, I’m here to help make sure this doesn’t happen to you or your team.

By combining sports performance tools with science-backed mindfulness techniques, I’ve been honored to support other athletes in achieving their Olympic dreams. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the past two decades to bring you strategies that empower you and your team in being your best without sacrificing personal success and fulfillment.

Derek’s deep understanding of what it takes for athletes to perform at the highest level during maximum pressure and his ability to create a special environment that allows peak performance were key to so many Canadian Olympic success stories. Derek is a compassionate individual with high integrity that you can always count on.” – Max Gartner, Olympic Head Coach

What is mindfulness in sport?

Mindfulness is being fully aware of your present experience exactly how it is – without judgment or a desire for it to be any different.

Backed by decades of peer-reviewed science, mindfulness meditation is one of the fastest-growing areas in sport. It’s been used by athletes, coaches, and medical and sport psychologists from all over the world as a tool for preparation, performance, and recovery.

Our mindfulness training makes meditation simple and accessible to anyone…even those with a busy mind or schedule.

Performance & wellbeing journeys for individuals, teams and organizations

In sport, we have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on our communities and the world. This can bring a deeply enriching sense of purpose that can get you through stressful times easier.

Curious about harnessing the power of purpose and values-based, whole person development for performance & well-being?

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